Conducting Landscapes


Circulation is made safer by simplifying and clarifying intersections between cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. Berms are removed, traffic is pushed to the Plaza’s edges, and the center oval is expanded to include a wide, protected pedestrian/bicycle path.


  • traffic pushed to Plaza’s edges, expanding center oval
  • bicycle/pedestrian path protected by visual and acoustic barrier
  • road repaved with cobblestones to calm traffic
  • bicycle rental and parking

Submitted by

Tyler Caine, Antonio Dellomo, Shelby Doyle,
Brandon Specketer
New York, NY, USA


Site Plan: The diagrammatic site plan highlights the project’s goal of creating a palette of landscape and textural thresholds layered into concentric rings of stillness and movement.


Representative Section: The north/south axis section and supporting rhythmic diagrams convey the concentric layers of movement and threshold that redefine the site’s legibility and organizational language.


Perspective Drawing: The bird’s eye perspective demonstrates a clear view of Plaza’s function as an urban lobby to the landscape of Prospect Park beyond.


Perspective Drawing: A view of the bike path and interior meadow reflects a space of safety and serenity created by acoustically and visually insulating pedestrians and cyclists from the Rotary’s passing traffic.


Other: Detail A describes the barrier designed to provide clear visual and acoustic separation between the Rotary and Ring Road. Thereby preventing unnecessary intersection from different traffic types.


Other: Detail B describes the barrier that insulates Plaza cyclists from Rotary car traffic while providing a visual connection to the Plaza’s interior.


Other: Detail C represents the wealth of pedestrian space given back to the Plaza’s center surrounding the existing fountain, allowing the plaza to comfortably host the city’s residents.


Other: These nightime lighting studies highlight each of the three lighting installations and how they frame the movement and occupancy in the spaces they define for 24 hour activation.