City & Park Meet on Slope’s Venues


“Slow” transportation is prioritized here, as Plaza Streets East and West are closed to cars, becoming a circular promenade for pedestrians and bicyclists. On the roadways, wide striped crosswalks send a strong visual message of pedestrians’ importance.


  • pedestrian/ bicycle promenade replaces traffic on Plaza Streets
  • large pedestrian crosswalks slow traffic
  • a series of outdoor covered terraces function as communal porches and gathering spaces

Submitted by

Jean-Baptiste Cueille
Paris, France


Site Plan: Respectively of its original design, the GAPlaza develop links with its urban surrounding, conserving its historical “park threshold” character. Amenities for dwellers appear by a “level game” with the planted slopes. Large pedestrians spaces and slow-speed path are conquer.


Representative Section: prolongation of grid’s lines is design a new place on the slope. offering spaces for people’s uses: meeting-point next to the subway station, relaxing place. conquer Plaza Street. a large promenade accompany by a green belt, lightly dug & including benches, putting remotely buildings & able to receipt exceeding rainwater.


Perspective Drawing: The Park Entrance is redesign by prolonging of the plaza’s axis which becomes a large walk-path, borded by drive-park. The front entrance is enlarged to receipt the market, and visually redefined by a maple trees quincunx, crossing the Parkway and Union St. to include the Arch.


Perspective Drawing: The confrontation of the Park Slope Grid, Flatbush Ave, and GAPlaza line creates a geometrical turbulence, between the orthogonal grid and the oval design of the Plaza.significant shift’s place, between city scale (all City by subway), borough scale (to Brooklyn Heights including Atlantic Yards) and local scale