Winning back G.A.P


Existing traffic patterns are roofed over at the height of the berms, creating a large, open pedestrian space. An aerial lift links the Plaza to the Prospect Park and draws visitors.


  • existing traffic patterns roofed over, bridging gap between Plaza and Prospect Park
  • aerial lift connects Plaza to the Park
  • café
  • two planted pergolas define the edges of the center oval

Submitted by

Paul Quilligan
Quilligan Architects
Dublin, Ireland


Site Plan: We took the approach that there are three fundamental elements required to win back Grand Army Plaza for the people of Brooklyn. A- Dealing with the traffic issue. B- Re-joining the plaza to Prospect Park. C- Attracting people to the plaza by providing interest, activity, relaxation and a little excitement.


Representative Section: Section


Perspective Drawing: Perspective 1


Perspective Drawing: Perspective 2


Representative Section: Section 2