Anchoring Grand Army Plaza


A wide pedestrian promenade stretches from the Park through the Plaza. Berms are removed, traffic is pushed to the Plaza’s edges, and the center oval is expanded. A series of ‘green rooms’ support activities that draw visitors.


  • berms removed
  • traffic pushed to Plaza’s edges, expanding center oval
  • north/south pedestrian promenade; market space and café patio
  • ‘green rooms’ provide quiet outdoor spaces for various uses
  • new crosswalks at junctions of side streets to east and west

Submitted by

Emilie Graham
New York, NY, USA


Site Plan: The plan aims to rediscover the original design while getting the full use of the space.


Representative Section: It’s a North/South section that shows the successions of the green rooms along the axis. Caf├ęs, garden, plaza, terraces make the GAP a major gathering place for Brooklyn and the whole New York city.


Perspective Drawing: This image looks south from the caf


Perspective Drawing: This last image shows a side pedestrian access to the heart of the Plaza. Prospect plaza and the market’s plaza give more space to any outdoor events (shows, market, theater, music,…)