Making Connections in the Big Heart


Moving the roadways out to the position of the existing berms triples the size of the central oval, creating space for permanent and seasonal programs and facilities. Playgrounds, a seasonal outdoor movie theatre, and a visitor’s center make the Plaza into an active destination.


  • berms removed and traffic pushed to Plaza’s edges, expanding center oval
  • subway entrance/exit relocated to Plaza’s center
  • tall planters provide visual and sound separation
  • playgrounds, dog run, visitor’s center

Submitted by

Diane Klein, Matthew Moore
Hipbone Design LLC
New York, NY, USA


Site Plan: Site Plan - we have worked to visually maintain the axis of the surrounding streets as well as provide a continuation of these streets for pedestrians. The intriguing views and access help create drama and desirability.


Representative Section: Section - note that we have moved the trees from the center area of the plaza to the surrounding areas. This allows a much improved focus for the center fountain and other features.


Perspective Drawing: Bird’s Eye View - replacing the berms with narrower dividers and moving the roadway out allows for a clear hierarchy to emerge as opposed to the previous equal weighting between berm, road, and center.


Perspective Drawing: View from subway exit - moving the main subway exit to the center plaza will place visitors at the starting point for activities in the plaza as well as allowing views back along Flatbush. Tourists will no longer be confused, residents will have more reason to tarry after their commute.


Perspective Drawing: Looking down at new planter / divider - a tiered element will replace the existing berms to separate the easy pace of Plaza Street from the bustle of the main roadways.


Perspective Drawing: Bird’s eye view of special event - movie night in full swing. The large hardscape area at the south end of the plaza, the opened up center, and extensive new paths increase the usability of the plaza for a broad array of events.


Site Plan: Traffic Plan - we have worked to maintain the full traffic capacity in terms of width and access while simplifying overall flow. Because traffic does not need to cross the width of the berms everything is simpler.