Existing traffic lanes are depressed below grade and berms are extended to conceal vehicular tunnels. At the apex of this new green space is the “HIGHwalk,” a completely handicap-accessible scenic promenade for pedestrians and bicyclists, providing views of the Plaza and the city beyond.


  • berms expanded to conceal vehicular tunnels
  • closes the gap between the Plaza and Prospect Park, using this space as a permanent home for the greenmarket
  • scenic promenade for bicycles and pedestrians
  • transportation hub at north end of Plaza

Submitted by

Caterina Roiatti, Robert Traboscia, Angela Amoia, Jason Atkins, Dennis Mendoza, Chun Fang Huang, Kellen Giuda, Sebastian Del Castillo
TRA Studio
New York, NY, USA


Site Plan: The site plan links the Plaza Arch, Bailey Fountain and Prospect Park together to offer the community an enriched park experience with new amenities. The transportation hub establishes the new entrance to begin the journey. The project defines circulation paths, gathering areas and public transportation, accessible without traffic interruption.


Representative Section: This section describes the organization of the site starting at the transportation hub/green roof. The HIGHwalk ending at Prospect Park conceals under it the vehicular circulation. The natural slope of the ground below the HIGHwalk results in an space which locates the amenities, concession stands and service areas.


Perspective Drawing: This bird’s-eye view illustrates the spirit of Olmstead and Vaux’s vision: the Prospect Park entrance is car-free and connected to the oval. The scale of the new elements presented in the oval does not change the unified experience of the “ONE PLACE”.


Perspective Drawing: The HIGHwalk path concludes at the green roof and winds down around the transportation hub and information center. Also as an arrival point, one can begin the journey. Public transportation, passenger loading and drop-off, exhibition spaces and public services shape the terminal at the new plaza.


Other: First Idea - “Concave Oval”: reroutes the existing traffic pattern to the outer rim of the dish buffering the traffic with the berm extension. Adopted Idea - “Convex Oval”: lowers the existing traffic pattern under the dish and berm extension creating the HIGHwalk and connecting the park to the oval.


Site Plan: Vehicular circulation is located in the partially lowered ring below the HIGHwalk and berm extension. The roadway works its way around the inner oval out of the way of the pedestrians. The roadway concludes at a new building serving as the transportation hub and pedestrian loading and drop-off area.


Representative Section: This section through the HIGHwalk above the vehicular circulation shows the new Grand Army Plaza project from one of the most important vantage points within the oval. It focuses on the gateway building, the amphitheater steps, the concession stands and the HIGHwalk itself crowned by the gateway arch.


Perspective Drawing: This view of the HIGHwalk and extended berms describes the synergy between park and city. A space previously with no amenities is turned into a lively landscape equipped with performance areas, concession stands, pedestrian paths and bicycle lanes, outdoor furniture and green areas.