Please Wake Me Up !


Traffic is “squeezed” to the Plaza’s spine, allowing the Plaza to reconnect with surrounding neighborhoods. Regular intersections increase traffic safety. A generous, open urban square offers a sense of tranquility and expansiveness. A market hall becomes the greenmarket’s year-round home.


  • Plaza is connected to Prospect Park via large pedestrian mall
  • traffic circle becomes a square with regular intersections
  • flexible open space for various activities
  • new building creates year-round home for greenmarket
  • magnificent vistas to the park through the arch

Submitted by

Gauthier le Romance, Guillaume Derrien
Paris, France


Site Plan: Site plan : A better reading of the entrance of the park is given by this orthogonal logic, which also simplifies the cohabitation between vehicle and pedestrian fluxes.


Representative Section: Cross section : Emphasizing the perspective of the existing monuments by the included market hall on one side and the raws of trees on the other side.


Perspective Drawing: Winter view : a market hall as a structure that federates residents all through the year on the new place.


Perspective Drawing: Summer view : A remarkable calepinage makes the simple square be used and known as one of the world’s greatest urban spaces.